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T-Mobile loses overall, but gains in prepaid

As we sort through carriers’ second quarter reports, we’re seeing plenty of losses. For T-Mobile it was no different. They lost 50,000 subscribers, though that’s fewer than they lost in the first quarter of this year or the second quarter last year. Where they gained, though, was in prepaid. Counting MVNO subscribers, they added, 231,000 net subscribers. That might be lower than the first quarter — and remember, wireless does best in the first and fourth quarters — but it’s way up over the second quarter of 2010. So while T-Mobile loses customers, it has its prepaid arms holding down the fort. T-Mobile currently has 3.5 million MVNO customers, which is a nice little supplementation to direct subscriber income. Their prepaid churn is also down, both from the first quarter and the second quarter last year. That’s a good sign for them going forward.

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  3. Pete Dannhouser Says

    3,5 million MVNO customers!? That’s a rather large chunk of subscribers. And considering that Tracfone, the largest of the American MVNO’s don’t make use of Tmob, the spectrum is wide open for them to improve on this figure. It makes sense to me, that they do in fact approach Tracfone for reseller gains in the immediate future, as this would enhance that compatability of their AT&T merger, who is the largest supporting network of TF.

    Posted on August 11th, 2011 at 3:57 pm
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