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T-Mobile adding to prepaid monthly plans this month

Above is a little photoshop job by the guys at TMoNews.comn. It represents coming chances to the T-Mobile prepaid monthly plans. The prices will stay the same, but you’ll get more features. Specifically, the 2GB cap on the $70 plan will go to unlimited, while the 100MB cap on the $50 plan is no longer a hard cap, but rather a soft cap. That is, instead of making you buy more data when you exceed 100MB, you’ll just experience slower speeds. Apparently we’ll see this go official on May 22.

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  1. Konoloko Says

    I think it’s absurd that lobbyists consider T-Mobile to be a middle range wireless competitor, when their prepaid prices are so high. $70 for unlimited, compared to tracfone’s, boosts, and verizon’s unlimited offerings makes TMO the most expensive by some distance – tracfone having the cheapest option $45. I think it’s wonderful that AT&T are going to take it over. Monopoly is one thing, but when comparing to overpricing….darn T-Muggers

    Posted on May 10th, 2011 at 3:13 am

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