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Get free weekend text messages with T-Mobile

Warning: this only applies to UK customers for now. But we figure that if it works out there (and by works out, we mean financially), it will make its way overseas. And when it does, you’ll be able to get free weekend texting through your T-Mobile To Go account. There’s just one teensy weensy little catch…

You kinda sorta have to put money on your account on a Friday for this to happen. In the UK it’s currently 10 pounds. This comes on the heels of a rate increase of 3 pence per minute on their Everything and Mates Rates. Don’t be confused: it’s basically the equivalent of Fave 5, but better because it’s in the UK, and T-Mobile is king over there.

T-Mobile has designed the promotion to fit in with their commitment to simplify tariffs. While carrying out research T-Mobile discovered that their customers wanted a reward that they would actually use, is simple to understand and doesn’t come with a lot of small print, thus Top up Fridays was born.

Note to American telecoms: We want this, too! Think about the strides prepaid could take in the US if companies started to offer deals like this. They would actually ::gasp:: acknowledge an incentive to use prepaid. Instead, you have to hear it from schlubs like us.

Surprisingly, the story gets even better. This is just a test program; T-Mobile may want to try another incentive for their prepaid users who pay up on Fridays. They may see free weekend calls or free weekend data in the future, depending on the feedback they receive.

This seems to work rather well if you have Gold status in the US (not sure if they have that in the UK). You get a bunch of minutes for $10 (and really, $10 a week isn’t all so bad, especially when you’re in the clear on the weekends). Rock on, T-Mobile. We’ll continue to pretend to believe that this service will soon be available in the US.

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