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Could T-Mobile be eyeing a $50 unlimited plan?

Prepaid has experienced rapid growth over the past year or so, and T-Mobile has been a part of that. They’ve continued to add more prepaid customers than postpaid customers. This isn’t by design, of course — they make far more money from their postpaid customers. We have seen the company try to win back some of the postpaid market with its new pricing plans and aggressive handset releases, but perhaps there’s something to their prepaid trend. Apparently, people like it. So why not embrace it? If a recent rumor turns out to be true, T-Mobile might be doing just that.

The rumor comes from, which has a few screenshots from Vision Critical that talk about the new $50 no-contract unlimited plan from T-Mobile. It’s exactly like it sounds, offering unlimited talk and text for that flat $50 per month. It doesn’t look like data is an option, though data currently isn’t an option for T-Mo prepaid, with the exception of their FlexPay plans.

Another interesting tidbit is that users can select from among any handsets in the T-Mobile postpaid lineup. Presumably this excludes smartphones, but that still leaves a decent selection of feature phones. The biggest question here relates to the pricing. Will T-Mobile offer some kind of subsidy? If not, the handsets could get a bit pricey and perhaps deter customers who otherwise would have bought the service and stayed on as customers for long enough to justify the subsidy.

The rumor did not come with a target launch date, so we might be waiting this one out for a bit. If true, it would represent T-Mobile embracing prepaid a bit more. Given how customers are currently drawn to the company, this can only help.