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Straight Talk introduces $60 unlimited long distance plan

Straight Talk has unveiled a new plan, which is aimed at international callers. For $60 per month customers can make unlimited calls to select destinations around the globe. This includes mostly landlines, but also cellular numbers in select locations. Straight Talk spells it all out, allowing users to check whether their desired destination falls under the plan — before signing up. The plan comes with all of Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited features, so it’s in essence an extra $15 per month for the unlimited long distance calling service. You can check the validity of any number you wish by going to Straight Talk’s website and visiting the Unlimited International link.


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  1. S Walter Says

    I really like that StraightTalk is offering services that I could previously only get on Tracfone (whose minute plans didn’t suit my calling needs). Would I be correct in assuming you’d be signing up for this on an every month, ongoing basis, or would you be able to just do this on the occasional month you want it, and then switch back the following month? Would be great to only sign up for months when my daughter is away, or in December when I make the Christmas calls to friends and family who have moved away.

    Posted on March 25th, 2012 at 2:47 pm

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