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Simple Mobile provides unlimited 2G data option

When it comes to data usage, we’re getting more and more used to seeing caps rather than unlimited plans. This is especially true for MVNOs, which have to pay to rent network space from bigger carriers. Simple Mobile, however, is trying something new. They’re removing the 200MB limit on their $50 plan and making it unlimited. The catch is that it provides that data at 2G, not 3G, speeds. Subscribers who want 3G or 4G data need to pick the $60 plan, which provides unlimited everything (though there have been many complaints about there being unadvertised limits to the services). The best way to use Simple Mobile is to bring an unlocked GSM handset. You can find more information about Simple Mobile’s bring your own handset deal, and the $50 unlimited plan, at Simple Mobile’s website.

Via Phone Scoop.