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What we missed in prepaid: Virgin Mobile, ZTE Merit, Samsung Appeal, Voyager Mobile, GameStop, Page Plus

I was away on vacation last week, and due to a few technical issues we couldn’t get Pam, who contributes to the site, to fill in. Oh well. We did miss a few things in the last week, so let’s run them down bullet-point style. We’ll be running at normal capacity, starting about nowish.

  • Page Plus reduced the price of its Power Text Unlimited plan from $19.95 to $15. That means pay-as-you-go users can add unlimited text messaging at a $5 discount. Sounds good. [Howard Forums]
  • Video game retailer GameStop has been expanding its horizons lately. They’ve been taking Apple devices as trade-ins, and are now selling them in-store. They’re also selling Android tablets. Now they’re apparently getting into the MVNO business. They launched the service about 10 days ago, but apparently took down the online portal. It will be a SIM-only service when it officially goes live. [
  • They were supposed to launch earlier in May, but due to a malicious web attack the Voyager Mobile debut was delayed. But now they’ve officially launched their service, which offers unlimited talk and text for $19 per month, with unlimited data added for $39 per month. I’m still skeptical, but it’s worth watching. [FierceWireless]
  • Virgin Mobile announced a new payLo plan: unlimited minutes, messages, and 50MB of data for $40 per month. You can’t use a smartphone with payLo, but for those who don’t need one there are some good plans there. [Phone Scoop]
  • AT&T GoPhone landed the Samsung Appeal, a QWERTY slider Android device. It’s on the lower end of modern Android devices, though it’s mid-range for a prepaid smartphone. That is, it’s nothing special; just another option for slider-loving prepaid users. They didn’t set a price to it yet, but it will be available at Walmart on June 5th, and then all other GoPhone channels on July 15th. [Phone Scoop]
  • And finally, Straight Talk has launched the ZTE Merit, a low-end Android handset. It’s a GSM handset running on the AT&T network. Again, this is nothing special, though it gives customers in AT&T coverage areas a new option. Hopefully this merely kickstarts the GSM Android lineup at Straight Talk. It is available now for $129.99 at Straight Talk’s website. []