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Straight Talk for your business?

There’s an interesting read at about how prepaid cell phone services sold at Walmart — namely Straight Talk — could be a viable option for small businesses. The author notes that the addition of two smartphones to the Straight Talk lineup put the company on small businesses’ radars. Still, it’s not an ideal solution. As the author says, ” Just don’t ask it to be a legit smartphone with all the attendant apps and fancy features.” How much, then, can handsets such as the Nokia E71 help small businesses? By providing an incremental step up the technological ladder at a reduced price?

I honestly think that with the addition of their customer loyalty program, Boost Mobile presents a better option. The BlackBerry Curve 8530 will cost you a bit more up front, and it will take 18 months before your monthly bill equals the $45 that Straight Talk costs. But for that extra money — $185 over 18 months, including the $5 difference between what the two handsets cost — you get a ton more services. That’s better email, more apps, and, though BlackBerry isn’t exactly known for it, an easier web browsing service.

Prepaid phones are becoming a viable option for small businesses. I’m just not sure that Straight Talk is the service to pick.