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SouthernLINC in on $50 unlimited, too

The answer is yes, apparently. A week after I asked whether there was room for another unlimited services MVNO, another one, i wireless, popped up. Just a day later, we learn that a primary carrier, SouthernLINC, has unveiled a $50 unlimited plan of its own. This one includes the basic staples — unlimited talk and text — plus Push To Talk, web browsing, and, in July, picture messaging. That sounds like one of the better deals out there, though it is only available to customers in SouthernLINC’s primary coverage area.

Customers in Alabama, Georgia, southeast Mississippi, and northwest Florida might find this new plan useful. It complements SouthernLINC’s other two prepaid plans, both of which are based on daily fees. The first costs $1.25 per day you use the phone, and provides unlimited Push To Talk. Minutes and messages are 10 cents each. The other plan costs $2.50 per day and provides unlimited PTT, voice, and text. The $50 plan not only provides more services, but also gets rid of the daily fee in favor of a simpler monthly rate.

Though it is a regional carrier, SouthernLINC does provide nationwide long distance. The service is only available for use, however, within the primary SouthernLINC calling region. Meaning, you can call anyone anywhere in the U.S., but only from a home calling area.

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