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Prepaid for enterprise customers?

We know that prepaid wireless can be a good choice for consumers. But what about small businesses? They are entities that could have trouble committing to two years of a cell phone contract, and the current state of the economy only amplifies that effect. Sarah Reedy at Telephony Online takes a look at the issue. Will businesses, not knowing if certain employees will be around for two years, opt to buy prepaid phones? They could, but more than likely it will lead to a change in postpaid business offerings. Business users project to hit 64.2 percent of the market by 2013, up from 54.3 percent today, so expect carriers to further cater to them.

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  1. Dirk Says

    We use prepaid Tracfone’s for the specific reason that we deal with international clients and you can make long distance and International calls to over 100 country’s for the same price as a local call which makes it cheaper for us to use cell phones for all our calls.

    Posted on September 29th, 2009 at 9:28 am

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