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How to really save money with prepaid

Since prepaid started to really make its mark on the wireless world a couple of years ago, we’ve seen many articles citing it as a way to save money. There are many, many people who don’t use their postpaid plans to the fullest, and could stand to benefit from a switch to prepaid. Depending on how much effort you put in, you can save tons and tons using prepaid, even if you don’t sign up for one of the trendy unlimited plans. Take this Howard Forums user for example. He has a nifty system that takes advantage of a few plans and combines them to make a heavy duty calling service.

Here’s what he uses:

  • H20 Wireless’s daily unlimited plan on weekends. That provides unlimited nights and weekends for $1 per day when you use the phone. So that’s $2 per week for unlimited calling from Friday evening until early Monday morning.
  • T-Mobile for nighttime calls during the week. That’s $1 per day as you use it, too, so I suppose just sticking with the H2O would work there, too.
  • Net10 for 10 cent anytime calling. I have a feeling Common Cents might take its place soon.
  • Boost Mobile for CDMA data.

If you combine these all with a Google Voice account and you could have a viable service going. The Google Voice gives you one number, which you can then set any of your phones to receive. So even if you’re going with Net10, T-Mobile, and H2O at the same time, people can still reach you with one number.

Anyone else have any cool prepaid lineups like this?