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Cox will offer prepaid services

The 700MHz spectrum auction, which we covered heavily at the time, didn’t figure to produce many new carriers. The big guns, as expected, grabbed the bulk of the airwaves, leaving very little for newcomers. One of them was Cox, the cable provider. it appears, though, that it’s using its MVNO agreement with Sprint more than its own network. As FierceWireless’s Mike Dano reports, Cox plans a prepaid offering in the future. It’s not known how widely they’ll roll out and market the service — in fact, little is known at all. But it’s coming, and from the sound of the quotes it won’t be too far off.

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  1. Gerry Says

    Well another prepaid wireless provider is always welcome. Especially me being a senior, with very limited options as to choosing a nationwide service provider. Cox teaming up with Sprint is good as it will broaden their coverage a lot, but still nowhere close to the coverage an svc tracfone can give. AT&T, and Verizon both have great coverage, but they don’t have a specific plan, or prepaid phone dedicated to seniors. Hopefully Cox will exploit this underexploited market.

    Posted on July 10th, 2011 at 1:15 am

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