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Yakety Yak named in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500

Never heard of Yakety Yak? Neither did we, until this morning, when we saw that they ranked 470 of 500 in Entpreneur’s Franchise 500. Just as the BlackBerry Store compiles devices from all different service providers, so does Yakety Yak. You can find deals from Sprint, T-Mobile, Helio, Verizon, Alltel, Cricket, Boost, and more. It’s a novel idea, and could save consumers valuable time that they would otherwise spend driving between stores to compare these phones. But with Yakety Yak, it’s all right in front of you.

The company’s CEO, David Timlin:

“The wireless industry is constantly changing, and with the current shift by some carriers to open their networks to any mobile phone or device I believe we will see a significant positive impact on the consumer and the way we conduct business in the wireless arena. Our franchisees, as vested store owners, understand these market trends and opportunities and consult with each customer so they can recommend the plan and phone that best fits their needs.”

They currently have just over 50 locations nationwide — including one we didn’t know about in our old college town. But they’ve recently announced plans to open 200 more locations. And since it’s a franchise, you could own one of them.

Another road trip, perhaps?