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Pair of handsets hit the FCC

This week we saw two ZTE handsets pass through the FCC, and it looks like they’re headed for prepaid carriers. First, via Phone Scoop, is the ZTE A310 (left), which will hit Cricket as the MSGM8 II. It doesn’t look like too big an upgrade over the original MSGM8, but instead is probably just a refresh. There has been no announcement on either end, but it shouldn’t be long. These things tend to develop pretty quickly after FCC approval.

The other, via Wireless Goodness, is the Samsung SCH-R900 (right). We’ve heard about this one before. It figures to be the first LTE handset for MetroPCS. It is Wi-Fi enabled, but there aren’t many details beyond that. It is interesting, though, that it has passed through the FCC. It could signal that Metro is readying its LTE services.