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Donate your old phone to charity

As we slog through the week between Christmas and New Year’s, news might be a bit light. So instead of just going dark, we’re going to talk about various prepaid issues. Today it’s phone recycling. Cell phones are always a hot holiday gift, and everyone is always excited to get a new one up and activated. But what about old reliable? Many times, an old phone can end up in a drawer or worse, in a landfill. While it’s always good to have a backup (you never know when your phone will get wet), you can find a way to put that old handset to good use.

For the sake of not repeating information, you can check out this post on donating phones at Going Cellular. It looks at different types of recycling programs, including donations to charity and for soldiers overseas. Many times you can print a shipping label from the charity’s Website and just stick it in your mailbox. For others, though, you’ll have to find a drop-off location.

The most important part of recycling for charity is to ensure it isn’t a scam. It’s quite sad, in my opinion, that people have to go above and beyond in order to give things away to the proper outlets. Cell phones can be harvested for precious metals, so it’s especially important to watch out for scams. So make sure you do your research before dropping that phone in a box.