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5 good reasons to get a prepaid Android smartphone

It seems that prepaid carriers are catching up to postpaid carriers in at least one way. They might not have as many smartphones as postpaid carriers, and the ones they do have might not be as high-tech. But it does seem that a high proportion of new handset releases from prepaid carriers are smartphones. That means each carrier has a growing collection of them. Yet some prepaid users might remain reluctant. After all, one of prepaid’s biggest draws is the pricing. Since smartphones cost more, both up front and per month, they might not make sense for many users.

Still, there are reasons to get a phone beyond cost. If you’re thinking about a prepaid Android smartphone but are still unsure, here are a few good reasons to get one.

1. Organization

It’s much easier to keep your life organized with a smartphone. The biggest reason is that it’s always with us. Back in the day people used to tote around daily planners, which helped them keep appointments and other to-do items in order. Smartphones accomplish that same end, except they’re much smaller and are easier to manage.

Having a calendar at your fingertips is a huge advantage. It means you can jot down things as you learn them, and get reminders when the time comes. And, again, it’s in your pocket all times, so you can quickly check what you have on the upcoming agenda. The same goes for to-do lists and notes. Android smartphones have easy to-do and notes apps, so you can jot things down and get organized with ease.

2. Email

More than ever businesses and people are relying on email as a primary form of communication. While email lacks the personal touch of an in-person visit or even a telephone call, it is easily the most efficient form of mass communication. Anyone who uses email for work probably needs a smartphone, even if work is too stingy to issue one.

This point might seem obvious, but it shouldn’t be understated. Having access to email is increasingly important, and fewer people can afford to be without it. It might seem trivial, but once you realize the advantages of having email on the go, it’s hard to turn back.

3. Always-on internet

As with email, this seems like a pretty obvious point. Having an internet connection in your pocket can come in handy for many purposes. Yes, most of the time it will be using Wikipedia to settle an argument. But there are plenty of practical reasons to have a mini internet browser on you at all times.

And, of course, an always-on internet connection means:

4. Apps galore

If you can dream it, an app can probably do it. It’s hard to overstate the robustness of the Android Market. There are thousands upon thousands of apps you can find there, and there are more added every day.

Looking for a distraction? There are more than enough free games to help pass the time. Need to edit a document really quick? There are apps that can let you do that. Booking a trip and need to quickly look up New York hotels? There are apps that not only let you see prices, but let you book right from your phone. Want instant access to your bank account? Chances are that your bank has an Android app.

There really is no exaggeration to Android’s app selection. There’s an app that can do nearly everything, and with Android you’re bound to find it for free.

5. Multiple gadgets in one

While smartphones might be small things, they can pack plenty into that shell. Already smartphones have taken the places of multiple gadgets. For starters, there’s the digital camera. While most cell phones don’t compare to the digital cameras you see on the market, many have cameras with 5 megapixels or more. That might not mean great quality, but it can suffice for non-professional settings.

Remember the days of toting around an MP3 player along with a cell phone? Those are gone. Android smartphones are complete music devices. Not only can you load songs from your computer onto a memory card, but you can take advantage of streaming apps such as Pandora. Even better, Google has its own music app that lets you upload thousands of songs to the cloud. As long as you have an internet connection you can listen to these songs even if they’re not downloaded to your phone.

Smartphones clearly are not for everyone. While they can perform certain essential services and make life a ton easier, they’re still mostly luxuries. Of course, it was only a decade ago when cell phones were still luxuries. They’ve turned into essential parts of our lives, and smatphones will soon enough. Low-cost Android smartphones on prepaid carriers open them up to a whole new audience. It might be time to start thinking about one, if you haven’t already.