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Policy changes coming for Page Plus

Starting next week, Page Plus will adopt a few policy changes (via Howard Forums). These are seemingly minor alterations to current policy, but Page Plus believes that these will “help reduce confusion, streamline and simplify these processes for the dealer, and reduce the amount of call volume to our customer service center regarding these issues.” The changes include a change in activation and port-in credits, plus the abolition of balance minimums for ESN and MDN changes.

The only downside to the service is a reduction in the activation credit. Previously, Page Plus would add $12 to an account upon activation, but starting on October 19 that will be $6. There will also be a $6 credit when you port your number from another carrier. Also, the $10 minimum balance requirement for changing an ESN or MDN has been lifted. This is the part that will reduce confusion — there was no fee to change the ESN or MDN, but Page Plus required a minimum balance in order to perform the change. I assume the abolition of the minimum relates to the introduction of unlimited plans.

Again, these changes will go into effect on Monday, October 19.

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  1. TINA Says

    This company is awful. They have the worst customer service. My paln expired on the 20th, and I perfer to renew it on the next day bcause if the fact of if you renew you plan before your money will be eaten up by data, and you would be force to pay extra. this morning I went and purchased a $25 card and 2 $10 cards to total$45 right? Which shouldbe enough to cover my $45 plan.That makes since right? Well no, Page Plus told me that my unlimited plan was removed and I am now on 6cents per min plan and there is nothing they could do about. the only option is to purchase another $45 card. Tis company clearly doesnt care about there customers. I wonder what their focus is as a company, becuase its definetly not keeping customers. I wish i could give it 0 stars. Oh and i forgot to mention, out of the 4x’s i called a supervisor would not even get on the phone to talk to me, and I was hung up by one of the reps. Just plain AWFUL!!!!

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 at 9:25 am

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