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Page Plus increases data allotment on Unlimited Talk N Text

Earlier in the month we learned that Page Plus would increase the data allotment on its Unlimited Talk N Text plan. It used to be 20MB, which doesn’t cover much. They’ve now increased that five-fold, to 100MB. That doesn’t make it any better for streaming videos, but it does allow for a little more web browsing. The changes are in effect currently, so all you have to do is buy the $39.95 Unlimited Talk N Text plan and you’ll get the data upgrade. You can find this plan, and others, at Page Plus’s website.

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  1. Terrence Says

    Of all of the years I used page plus I generally just purchased a phone card and went from there. No issues ever came up. One day I tried their 12 dollar plan. I ran out of minutes and was forced to buy another prepaid card. In that timeframe the 12 dollar plan expired and took a large chunk of my prepaid minutes somehow. Customer service would not help at all and were very rude to me. They tried putting some numbers in my face that were incorrect and refused to listen to that. I stated I had $5.91 left and after the plan expired I am down to $1.30. Every time they tried telling me I used the minutes, and I asked them where? A repeat comment that I used them but never where, sometimes they would just hang up on me, and not once did I get the actual manager. One idiot thought I was being rude to her when I stated that you seem to be reading your info from a computer screen and not listening to the issue. Thats what the moron was doing, like technology never fails us. The sad part to this issue is that it has happened to many more people than me, and the problem gets thrown away, along with your years as a faithful user go with it. Read the rest of these comments on this site. I found out I was not alone. Hopefully this blog helps you make the choice not to get screwed this way by page plus. Its very clear that they are aware of this issue and refuse to deal with it. Bad Business if you ask me.

    Posted on June 5th, 2012 at 9:22 am

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