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Zero1 starting its marketing blitz for July 1 launch

The story of CTIA this year was Zer01, a company touting unlimited voice, messaging, and data services for just $80 per month. The remarkable part of the story is that they’d be doing this as an MVNO of the AT&T network. Of course, when we first heard of Zer01, the advertised price was $70. Now it’s $80. It looks like you might get something extra for that $10, if we’re to believe their most recent press release. Details after the jump.

The marketing plan right now is to call this the equivalent of 5G. Yes, 5G.

Over the past several years, Unified Technologies Group, a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, has been quietly buying up an unused section of the telecom spectrum which allows for very fast cellular transmission of data packets that will be routed through the internet, bringing the world the first ever cellular-over-IP network.

So, “5G compared to anything else available.” This sounds awfully suspicious, in the too-good-to-be-true kind of way. We’re less than a week out from launch, so the reality of this service will be known soon enough. Still, it’s tough to imagine something faster than WiMax/LTE for $80 per month. That $80, by the way, includes taxes and fees.

Anyone else excited/suspicious of this launch?