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Zer01 Mobile’s website no longer online

A year ago at this point I was busy making appointments for meetings at CTIA in Las Vegas. Many of the services were only tangentially related to prepaid, but one in particular seemed completely in line with our audience. It was called Zer01 Mobile, and it promised to deliver a new wave of unlimited prepaid service. Once I got to CTIA, they were all the buzz. In fact, they had won the Best in Show from Laptop magazine, the presentation of which conflicted with my meeting. At the time I thought I got shut out of a big story. It turns out I did, but not for the reasons I thought.

Zer01 promised a launch on July 1, but that never happened. Later that month Nancy Gohring of IDG News Services revealed some unsavory information about the carrier. Since then we’ve heard little from them, other than updates about multilevel marketing structures, reselling of Page Plus services, and lawsuits.

In the first development we’ve seen from Zer01 in about six months, we learn that their website is now redirecting to It appears the company has disappeared along with it. They’re no longer listed as a client Dennis PR, though its parent company, Unified Technologies Group, is. Their spokesman, Ron Dresner, did not comment to Gohring about the development.

Phrases become cliches not only because they’re overused, but also because they’re often obviously true. The Zer01 saga reinforces the cliche that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.