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XE Mobile bites the dust

We’ve been reading a lot of negative talk about XE Mobile in our featured reviews. The gist is that customer service stinks, and people are losing their balances left and right. Turns out that they’re shutting down their operation at the end of the year. All accounts will be terminated, and all balances will be forfeited at that time. So if you’re an XE customer and haven’t gotten rid of them yet, now is the time to port your number. We’ve heard whispers of a deal to port your number with Beyond Wireless, though we cannot confirm that. Our personal recommendation is to not go with another company just because they have a deal with XE. Go through our featured providers and decide which service would be best for you to port your number to.

The shutdown doesn’t come as much of a surprise. We’ve seen a number of MVNOs bite the dust this year, so it makes sense that one of the weaker ones fell on its face.

We wonder if this is like faster buffalo theory, where the termination of the weakest MVNOs will make them, as a group, faster and more efficient.

The problem, we think, was XE’s target market, which was college-ish kids. Virgin Mobile has that market pretty cornered, and with their vast publicity this year, they were some tough competition. And if they’ve failed to turn a profit in their five years of existence, we don’t even want to think about XE’s financials over their one year.

However you take this news, please don’t take it as the death of MVNOs. This was certainly one of the weaker ones.

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