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Qualcomm backing new health-based US MVNO

We’ve seen the list of dead MVNOs. It’s not the stablest of endeavors right now, hence we haven’t seen many, if any, new entrants in the past year or so. It might be a different story, though, when Qualcomm enters the scene. The creators of CDMA technology will be backing a health care MVNO called LifeComm, according to Wireless Week. This will target baby boomers with healthcare software along with mobile phone services.

“We built the model to start with phones that consumers will want to pay for, but we expect over a short time there will be self-insured employers who will subsidize them,” Jones said. He said employers can see the value of good health for their employees, as well as a way to reduce their health care costs.

There aren’t any details available at this time, so we don’t know what kind of plans they’re going to offer. We don’t even know which network they’ll work off of. It certainly is a niche offering, though, so maybe they can corner a sector of the market that the failed MVNOs were unable to tap.