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Paying tribute to the fallen MVNOs

We here at Prepaid Reviews have a love/hate relationship with MVNOs. We love them because they bring so many possibilities to the table. They might not be competition, per se, for the larger carriers, mostly because they feed off the big carrier networks. But they do present an alternative for cellular users. It’s too bad that so many of them were either ahead of their time, or couldn’t properly gauge the market. At Engadget Mobile, editor Ryan Block takes a walk down memory lane and talks about the dead soldiers. We’ll list ’em after the jump, along with our library of information on them.

Amp’d Mobile — We talked about Amp’d Mobile a ton in our early days. Too bad they died a month or so in.

Disney Mobile — everyone saw it was coming before the MVNO failed. Like many 80s rock bands, though, they’re big in Japan.

Helio — We talked about Helio while they were making news. Then they were picked up by Virgin Mobile. With the deal now complete, we should start seeing the next stages soon enough.

Sonopia — Thought dead, it turns out that Sonopia has just gone on an indefinite vacation.

Voce — I actually didn’t even know it existed until I heard that Voce shut down.

XE Mobile — One of my first tasks upon joining Prepaid Reviews was to write a review of these guys. Seven months later, they went the way of the Dodo. Sad, though they absolutely lacked a viable market.