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New MVNO offers unlimited voice and data for $70

With the death of many MVNOs over the past few years, I’ve wondered what it would take for a new MVNO to survive. Certainly, it would have to be a service offering premium features for a non-premium price. New MVNO Zer01 might have found that. They’ve launched an unlimited calling service, making it comparable to many current MVNOs. They’ll run on the AT&T network and will allow customers to bring their own GSM phones for activation — a huge plus in the prepaid market. After the jump, a few details on the company.

Zer01 is advertising a flat rate of $69.99 per month for unlimited voice and data. That might seem a bit steeper than the plans offered by Cricket, MetroPCS, and Boost Unlimited. However, they’re offering true data services, giving them a leg up on all three services. This includes MetroPCS — even with their new BlackBerry service, potential customers are still faced with a small coverage area. With AT&T’s network, Zer01 is nationwide.

According to the above-linked IntoMobile article, the company will use a proprietary VoIP system to deliver cheap minutes. This includes international calling, which is available for $10 per month on top of the existing fee. This, too, will be unlimited.

Customers who want to buy a phone will have a nice selection of HTC devices to choose from. They’ll likely be expensive, since there is no contract (though there is a $30 activation fee). They are the HTC TyTN II, the HTC Touch 3G, and the HTC Diamond. Not bad for a prepaid service.

The service will launch at CTIA 2009 in April. I’ll be sure to sit down with the Zer01 folks. For now, you can check out their website for further details and an FAQ.