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Prepaid Cell Plans with Unlimited Data Plans

Prepaid cell plans with unlimited data plans

The smart phone revolution has changed the way that we use our phone forever. Whereas in the past you may have been most concerned about overage costs for voice minutes, these days the single biggest thing that will lead to a huge data bill is data overage. Although you can save a great deal of money by purchasing a prepaid phone, and insulating yourself from overages, you may be concerned that your data will run out at an inconvenient time, leaving you high and dry at a time that you need to access the internet the most. The good news is that many prepaid phone plans include an unlimited data package, and you can have the certainty of knowing how much you will be charged each month along with not needing to worry about losing your data stream to the billing department. Here is a list of highly-rated providers who offer unlimited data plans.

Net 10 wireless offers a 50 dollar per month unlimited talk, text, and data plan that goes for 50 dollars per month, or only 45 if you choose the auto-refill option. This highly rated service should meet the needs of most customers

Straight Talk wireless offers a 45 dollar per month unlimited talk, text, and data plan, which is a great deal. The downside is that they have a bad reputation as far as customer service goes and this lowers their rating considerably.

Verizon Wireless does offer a 50 dollar unlimited mobile web option, but lacks a true pay-as-you go option and smart phone users may find the mobile web insufficient for their needs. Their smart phone plans cost 60 dollars for 500 mb and 70 dollars for 2 GB, which is pricey compared to what you get.

Virgin Mobile offers great value on their payLo programs, but unfortunately none of them have unlimited data. This best value is their Beyond Talk plan, which offers unlimited data for 35 dollars at the expense of having only 500 minutes of talk. They also offer and unlimited talk, data, and text for 55 dollars monthly.

Boost mobile does offer an unlimited data plan, but their price scale is multi layered and by the time you achieve an unlimited data plan it is prohibitively expensive compared to the competition.

Solavei Prepaid Wireless Plan is a company that you may not be aware of, but they merit a look as they offer a 49 dollar unlimited talk, text, and data plan. The downside is that they only have one plan and may not have the flexibility and customization that you need in a prepaid plan.

T Mobile offers a great and reliable talk, text, and data plan but at 70 dollars it is a little pricey.

No matter which plan you chose, unlimited data may be the right move for you. Whether you are a casual gamer, like to watch video clips, or just rely on the internet to keep in touch an unlimited data plan may be a necessity worth paying for.