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Anyone for prepaid wireless broadband?

One thing I’ve noticed lacking in prepaid is mobile data. A few carriers offer it — most notably Cricket. But for the most part, mobile data isn’t readily available on a prepaid basis. And forget mobile broadband cards for your laptop. Once again, we have Cricket here and few others. Thankfully, another player is entering the game. No, it’s not a prepaid carrier. Rather, it’s Slingshot Communications, and they’re planning a prepaid mobile broadband rollout in June.

“Rather than paying upwards of $75 a month for ‘unlimited’ wireless Internet access, Slingshot enables you to cut your costs and doesn’t require a long-term contract,” said David Vindici, chairman and CEO of Slingshot, in a statement. “You’re free to access the Internet wirelessly and on your terms.”

I can’t find specific pricing and availability right now. It’s an interesting concept, for sure. However, I’m a bit wary of what the rates will be. If ends up at the per-minute ratio of postpaid cellular to the per-minute rate of prepaid, well, then we might be onto something for the occasional mobile Internet user. Like me, who travels by train about once a week. I wouldn’t pony up for Verizon’s deal, but a pay as you go system would fit well.

Definitely more coverage on this as we get closer to the June 1 rollout date.