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MetroPCS revamps LTE plan lineup

In the last year or so it seemed as though MetroPCS was greatly expanding the number of plans it offered for its LTE customers. It most recently added a $30 LTE plan, and last April it tinkered with its LTE plans. At that point they had four plans, but this week they announced a reduction to three. The elimination of options does mean waving goodbye to the $30 plan, but that was promotional in nature. The three remaining plans offer MetroPCS customers straightforward options for their smartphone needs.

As always the plans all offer unlimited talk and text, as has been MetroPCS’s signature style. All data is unlimited; the different tiers reflect limitations on the amount of 4G LTE data available.

$60: Unlimited LTE data.
$50: 2.5GB of LTE data
$40: 500MB of LTE data

These plans are now reflected on MetroPCS’s website.