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MetroPCS makes changes to 4G LTE plans

On Friday afternoon posted information they obtained regarding changes to MetroPCS‘s 4G LTE plans. The changes will reportedly go into effect today, though the MetroPCS website does not yet reflect them. There will be four tiers of 4G LTE plans, and Metro has changed the way they work a little. Instead of limiting features such as streaming video on some of the lower-tiered plans, Metro has simply created 4G data caps. After customers exceed their 4G allotment, they’ll then revert to 1x or 3G signal, depending on their network.

The plans still do start at $40, but the new ones will allow users 250MB of 4G data before they get dumped back on a 1x or 3G network. The $50 plan bumps up the 4G data to 2.5GB, while the $60 plan doubles that to 5GB. The $60 plan also includes Rhapsody Unlimited Music. At $70 per month users get what is termed unlimited 4G data, plus access to MetroStudio Video on Demand service.

We’ll be on the lookout for changes, but you can check for them yourself at the newly redesigned MetroPCS website.

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  1. ryan lee Says

    This is b.s. Metro is getting bigheaded now. I knew this was gonna happen… So theyre only gonna be $10 less.than sprint for unlimited? I have The$60 unlimited plan w/ metro and i get a ton of dropped calls… So now The$60 plan is being “limited” to 5gb? Now they wanna charge $70 for unlimited? This blows… Might as well go with sprint and pay $80 for unlimited and a better network with less dropped calls and better phones. F you! metro

    Posted on April 8th, 2012 at 12:55 am
  2. jason Says

    Some of the info above is not correct. MetroPCS customers with the current 4GLTE plans will only revert to the 1X/3G network in the event they are outside the 4G LTE coverage area. The speeds that their phones operate at will be reduced to a slower 4G LTE speed once they have reached their CAP. MetroPCS customers will also have the ability up their plan before they experience slower 4G speeds with a 5% left SMS.
    MetroPCS customers on older Unlimited 4G LTE plans will be grandfather in and their plans and will not switch to a 5GB CAP. Keep in mind that Sprint will also charge taxes and regulatory fees on top while MetroPCS plans are what you see is what you pay!

    Posted on April 15th, 2012 at 4:01 pm
  3. Cynthia Says

    I didn’t even know this happened -__- I had my phone (Samsung Galaxy Indulge) since April 2011 and now I’m stuck with 3g network. It really is some b.s. because that is not the plan I payed for. They can’t do that. Even if it is a “no contract” company, it’s still not the plan I payed for. I should be able to keep my 4g network because I had the plan before all of that changed.

    Posted on August 26th, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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