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MetroPCS expands nationwide roaming network

The major disadvantage for MetroPCS is that they’re not a nationwide network. They have contiguous networks in a number of regions, but they’ve yet to connect all the dots for seamless coverage. What they’ve done to compensate is create roaming agreements with other carriers. They then offer these roaming spots for free to those with plans of $40 or higher. Yesterday Metro announced expanded roaming agreements, which now cover 11,000 cities and towns nationwide. The expansion took place mainly in the Midwest, Northwest, and Eastern US. Unfortunately, customers still need to be in a home MetroPCS area to purchase and activate service.

While it’s pictured above, you can view the MetroPCS coverage map here.

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  1. Jonathan Says

    Just got a quick question why is metro the only service that will flash phones , but yet that have really bad service if u stand 10 ft out side atlanta u have no phone to use u migth as well throw it in the garbage why dont they expand there network like put up more towers so that people can get more of a coverage area and yes boost mobiel is a joke they only have a few lines of service , but still nothing is compared to verizon or page plus and page plus is now offering the 45$ plan unlimited text calls and web :) next month i cant wait :) and they have more coverage state wide then metro has in this country thats sad why is it even a prepaid dealer

    Posted on April 21st, 2010 at 3:20 pm

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