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MetroPCS discontinues MetroFlash program.

Nearly four years ago, MetroPCS introduced something that at the time was pretty revolutionary. With a program dubbed MetroFlash, they would take your existing CMDA phone and make it compatible with the MetroPCS network. For $30 users could take any non-AWS phone in and use it with MetroPCS. This worked at the time, because Metro had a pretty thin handset lineup. But times have changed over the last four years, and it no longer makes as much sense for Metro to carry such a service.

As recently as October 2009 Metro was embroiled in a legal battle over MetroFlash with Virgin Mobile. That’s basically the last we heard of MetroFlash. Of course, it was around then that MetroPCS started to add better handsets to its lineup, including Android smartphones. So that could be a big reason why they ended the Flash program.

It appears that MetroPCS is instructing dealers to cease using the Houdini flashing service immediately.