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MetroPCS adds messaging, video chat services for Android

Yesterday MetroPCS released a suite of communications services, dubbed Joyn. These include a messaging service similar to BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage, a video chat service akin to FaceTime, and a content sharing protocol. As with BBM and iMessage, MetroPCS’s message service will not count against a user’s SMS monthly total — though since MetroPCS offers unlimited SMS on all Android plans it seems to be a moot point. Users can also share videos, images, and files through this messaging service, much like BBM. Like native the native Android contact list, which indicates whether contacts are signed into Google Talk, Joyn will let MetroPCS customers know which of their contacts are currently connected to Joyn. While this service will be rolled out on a more widespread basis in the future, is is currently only available to MetroPCS users with the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G, which is available on MetroPCS’s website for $130.

Via The Verge.