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Prepaid Cell Plans With iPhone 5, and 5s

Prepaid cell plans with iPhone 5 and 5s

The iPhone 5 is the latest in the most popular smart phone series in the world, but you may not be willing to sign your life away on a contract plan just to get it. If you would rather have a prepaid plan without having to sacrifice the features that you would enjoy with your new iPhone, there are a few providers that can help you out. They are listed as ranked by price, plan, and reliability.

1. Virgin Mobile leads the way for carriers offering an iPhone 5. You will have to pay $404.99 upfront to buy the phone, but once you do you can activate one of several of their No Contract plans. Of all the carriers offering iPhone 5 they make it the easiest for the customer and offer the best value and reliability.

2. AT&T has made a splash in the market with its cheap and easy Go Phones, but recently expanded its prepaid plans to the iPhone 5 as well. They really try to sell you on a contract plan, offering a iPhone 5 for only 22 dollars down, but if you stick to your guns their monthly prepaid smart phone plan is only $65.00. Purchasing the phone, however, will be $549.99

3. Verizon Wireless, like AT&T, will work hard to get you to accept a contract for a reduced price on your iPhone 5. They will give it to you for only $199 if you sign a 2 year contract, but staying month to month will mean purchasing the iPhone 5 for $649.99. Although providing more reliable service in more places than AT&T, the prices of their equipment and their monthly plans downgrades them significantly.

4. Boost Mobile is also entering the iPhone 5 race, and they are doing so competitively. You can get an iPhone 5 for $449.99 and qualify for a $55 monthly unlimited plan. The knock on them is a shortfall in reliability and availability that makes them a most questionable choice than the other big 3 providers.

Whichever plan you chose, you are sure to enjoy the cutting edge technology and features of the iPhone 5 at a price that you can afford.