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iPhone 3G works with Go Phone out of box

When the iPhone 3G was first released, we went over a way to use it on prepaid. This was all just theoretical, though. As far as I understood, no one had really tried it yet — or at least hadn’t tried it and then written about it on the Internet. Thankfully, someone has finally publicized their experience. This comes from Erica at The Unofficial Apple Weblog. She popped a Go Phone SIM card into an iPhone 3G, and voila! No unsightly mess. No big clean-up. In her words:

“I did not pwn the iPhone. I did not unlock the iPhone. It. Just. Worked.”

Erica notes that you can take advantage of AT&T prepaid deals which can bring down the cost of the refill cards. For instance, you can nab certain refurbished Nokia phones with $100 of airtime for $80. You can then apply the $100 to your prepaid data plan, which costs $20 per month.

It’s good to know that this really does work. The only issue, of course, is getting an iPhone 3G without a contract.