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Firmware affects unlocked iPhones…again

Apple is at it again, releasing firmware update 1.1.3. And guess what? It’s breaking some unlocks. For example, the highly-touted AnySim won’t unlock the current update, meaning anyone who has used this is stuck. Yeah, they can activate using iTunes and an AT&T account, but they wouldn’t have unlocked it in the first place if that was what they wanted. Oh, and your third party apps are bye-bye for the moment, and according to Gizmodo, have “no possibility of return for now.”

The firmware update is set to hit sometime this week or next, though with the leak they could rush it out. The good thing is that advance notice gives the hackers a bit of time to figure out how to handle this before it actually affects anyone. We’ll let Gizmodo speak further on this:

Many of you would be wondering how this could have happened, knowing the extremely tight security around the iPhone firmware updates. We don’t know, but apparently the leak has occurred because “someone wanted to help the unlock effort.” The source of the leak is completely anonymous, even to the people who have had access to the upgrade.

The update does bring along some nifty features, like the ability to drag icons to your liking. Of course, it comes with the side-effect of effing up your unlocked iPhone.

Many think that this is a hoax, but Natetrue, creator of the iBrickr application, swears it true. He says the leak installed and worked perfectly, and even made a demo video showing the drag and move feature. “If it is a hoax, they did a buttload of work,” says Nate.

So now it’s the hackers racing the clock. It’d be nice to get a fix out before the actual firmware update, but like past firmware updates, it might be a while before unlocked iPhones are back to full functionality.