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Cricket offers My Backup service

Cricket Wireless has taken a measure to ensure its customers don’t lose their contacts in a freak pool accident this summer. Together with mobile phone insurer Asurion, Cricket has launched My Backup, a service that will do just what the name implies. This is an over the air procedure, meaning you don’t have to hook up your Cricket phone to a computer to do it. You can even set up My Backup so that it syncs your contacts with your backup data every so often, so you don’t even have to remember to do it yourself.

“The value of the information stored in one’s mobile phone is priceless,” said Larry Atwell, director of product development for Cricket. “We want our customers to feel safe knowing that even if they lose their wireless device, their contacts can be easily recovered and they can continue on with their lives without any major hiccups.”

My Backup goes a bit further, too, allowing customers to import their contact lists from various programs such as Outlook and Yahoo! Mail to a web interface, editing them, and then syncing them over the air to the user’s mobile phone. So not only can you backup your contacts, but you can now have all of your contacts stored in multiple places, protecting against loss.

The service will run $2 per day. You can visit for more info.