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Cricket announces new wireless calling plans

When the major carriers are all out improving their prepaid offerings, there’s not much the little guys can do but improve as well. And that’s what Cricket wireless has done. Among the improvements are more features in their premium calling plans, and the addition of a new entry-level plan. Of note to anyone with Cricket: Caller ID is available with every plan. This wasn’t available through the $35 plan previously. Read on for the specific updates.

On the upgrade side, Cricket is expanding their unlimited text messaging service to include Mexico. This is available on the $40 to $60 plans. Previously only available on plans $50 and up, unlimited mobile Web is now included in the $45 plan. To improve the $50 plan, Cricket has added a bundle of 30 nationwide roaming minutes.

Their new entry-level plan is $30, and like all of their other plans, includes unlimited anytime minutes. However, this does not include long distance calls. So if you don’t do any calling outside your local calling area, this could be a superb value. It does not include text messaging, either.

Cricket’s services expand as you reach each price point. The $35 plan offers long distance; the $40 plan adds text messaging; the $45 plan adds Web; the $50 plan adds 30 roaming minutes; and the $60 plan adds 200 roaming minutes.

Good to see Cricket staying competitive as they expand their services to more markets in America.