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Cricket adds RAZR to AWS handset collection

It’s great that Cricket Wireless is rolling out a number of AWS markets, and plans more in the future. However, if you don’t have an adequate selection of phones for people to use, you’re not going to garner much interest in the service. Cricket took a step in the right direction today, adding the MOTORAZR V3 to its AWS handset lineup. Yeah, there’s not really much left to say about ol’ faithful. For a company like Cricket, which does not subsidize its handsets, the RAZR makes a good lot of sense as an AWS handset choice.

Remember, AWS handsets will work in Cricket’s normal coverage area, PCS, but regular handsets will not work in the AWS markets. So if you’re buying a RAZR online, make sure that it’s the AWS version.

It’ll run $199.99. We told you it was unsubsidized.