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Cricket adds mobile video service

Leap Wireless, parent company of Cricket prepaid, is making good use of their EVDO network. Back in March, they launched a high-speed data card. When we checked in with Brad Houser during the first Prepaid Podcast, he reported positive results in the early going. Yesterday they announced their newest service: mobile video. This will make one- to four-minute videos available to subscribers who opt into the service.

It will run $5 per month, and that will be the only charge incurred by the user. There are no overage data charges — though as we’ve seen with other services, we can’t rule this out as a future restriction. The available selection will include music videos and sports clips, plus plenty more.

“Mobile Video gives users the freedom of entertainment on the go. Customers have access to the latest news, their favorite artists and sports teams, and the opportunity to discover new and emerging talent,” said T. Scott Edwards, senior vice president of marketing for Cricket. “This service provides customers a new opportunity to personalize their handsets. Whether they opt for Reggaeton videos or YU-GI-OH! clips, all customers can appreciate the value of unlimited downloads for one low flat rate.”

The service will have a social element, allowing users to find videos by popularity and similarity recommendations. It is only available on select WAP-enabled handsets.