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$25 unlimited calling plan available with Cricket

Over the past nine or so months, we’ve seen a number of carriers enter the unlimited calling market. This was once a stronghold of Metro PCS, Leap Wireless, and even Boost Unlimited. Now it seems everyone, even Net 10, is in on it. Those plans tend to be a bit expensive, though — certainly more expensive than the plans at Cricket and Metro. Now Cricket’s gone even cheaper, offering a $25 entry-level plan. Head on over to the Cricket website to check out the details. Or just keep reading.

As with all Cricket plans, the $25 plan offers unlimited anytime minutes. The catch, as always, is that you have to stay within your local calling area. If you roam, you’ll be charged 35 cents per minute, which comes out of your Flex Bucket. Long distance is also not included in the $25 plan. You can add money to your Flex Bucket to cover any long distance calls, which are charged at 8 cents per minute.

If you’re looking to start out with Cricket, you might want to check out a deal they’re running on the Audiovox 8910. It’s a pretty basic phone — I believe my brother had the same model through Verizon three years ago. It’s got a VGA camera, though not much else. Yet it only runs $29.99, which is $30 less than their next cheapest handset, the Kyocera Lingo (of course, you need to remember to mail in your $100 rebate to realize the lowest price on that handset).