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TRAC outlines ways to save on your cell bill, starting with prepaid

The story dominating the Internet for the next year, at least, will be the state of the U.S. economy. Things look gloomy now, and people are looking for ways to save money. We’ve talked earlier this year about prepaid and the American economy, and I even wrote an article for Discuss Wireless on the issue. the Telecommunications Research & Action Center (TRAC) has issued a list of ways to cut on your phone bill. We’ll look at the five items. Unsurprisingly, it starts with prepaid.

Other recommendations include ditching a landline, which is eminently possible with services like MetroPCS and Cricket. Even if you don’t have a flat-rate, unlimited plan, you might still find it more economical to go with one phone rather than two. Shop around and see what you can get.

Another excellent bit of advice is to not “buy a Ferrari when all you need is a Honda Civic.” This is basically the mantra of prepaid users. Most of us don’t have access to high-end handsets. The phones for prepaid are for utility — making and receiving calls, sending and receiving text messages. You don’t need an iPhone to do that.

Finally, they talk about being smart about your minutes, including getting on the Don’t Call List. You don’t want telemarketers eating your minutes.