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Apple VS Google: Rivalry Explained


In the smartphone world there are really only two major players: Google (creator of Android) and Apple. And no matter what site you read or where you go in the tech world, the rivalry between the two is bitter and the loyalties strong. The age-old debate between Apple and Google (or more specifically, Android) has always been pretty heated and full of fanboys trying to shout over each other that their product is the best and has the best features and out trumps ALL competition, etc, etc. While I most certainly have my own opinion on the debate, such arguments tend to be rather pointless and baseless and it’s impossible to declare a real winner. But the reason why probably isn’t what you think.

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Turn Your Skin Into a Touchscreen


So, I don’t normally talk about crowdsourcing projects on here, mainly because in the tech industry they are scams a majority of the time (and this might not be an exception). Generally, the ones that aren’t scams never perform as advertised and are frequently beset by setbacks in production, etc. But, all of that aside, this is so cool I just had to share with everyone. There is, of course, a huge catch, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

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Humor: Phone Mount Defies Gravity

Like all blogs and websites nowadays, we have a pretty good spam filter here at Prepaid Reviews. I go through pretty regularly and empty out the folder, occasionally stopping to laugh at the ridiculous spambot comments. My current favorite is: “The very heart of your writing whilst sounding agreeable in the beginning, did not really work properly with me personally after some time.” Great critique, spambot. Anyway, I came across a comment about a product today and I had to share.

Introducing the Smart Phone Sleeper (no, that’s not a typo), a device that in my opinion pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with our culture’s outlook on smartphones. The comment (which I unfortunately, already deleted) described it along the lines of a device that “magically floats your smartphone without bolts, screws, clips or adhesive.” Man, how could I resist that? So I did the unthinkable and clicked the Amazon link that was included, and I haven’t stopped laughing since.

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Use Your Phone To Try Virtual Reality

google cardboard2

If you’re a sci-fi nerd like me, then ideas like virtual reality, holographic projectors and robots are pretty freaking sweet. But, while it will be some time before you have your very own JARVIS, virtual reality is not all that far away. In fact, if you have a smartphone, cardboard and some time on your hands, then you’re already halfway to making your own virtual reality goggles!

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What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?


I came across a humorous and mostly completely bogus article today talking about how smartphones are a reflection of their users. Surprisingly, people have conducted studies on this sort of stereotyping and discovered that there are certain groups of people who tend to flock to certain phones. Of course, some of the findings are not the most positive.

Here’s what some of the research (both bogus and slightly more legit) indicates your phone might say about you:

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Smartphone Etiquette


Smartphones are such an integral part of everyday life, they can almost seem like an extension of yourself and your social life. But as technology becomes more and more saturated in everyday life, people become less and less aware of how rude technology can make them. Smartphone etiquette isn’t something that most people think about, but maybe it’s time we started.

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Study Shows Voice Search Gaining Popularity


Most smartphones (even some low grade smartphones) come with voice search nowadays. It’s almost an expected technology and is present constantly. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of it, as I tend to talk pretty fast and half of the time Google Now gets confused and just gives up, throwing me the closest thing it could find in hopes I’ll just leave it be. So, while it’s definitely not a staple in my life, a new study by Northstar Research (funded by Google) suggests that I’m only barely in the majority when it comes to this cool technology.

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Luxury Phone Costs As Much As My Car


I get it. Phones are as much a status symbol as what car you drive, purse you carry, or clothes you wear. Maybe even moreso. Samer Chidiac once said that “Technology makes people equal, it gives them a fair advantage.” But, looking at Vertu’s new line of ‘luxury smartphones’ I can’t help but beg to differ.

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Is Texting Bad For Your Health?


The stereotypical senior citizen shakes his cane at the rascals and youngsters, claiming that technology is terrible, and that it’s bad for your health and the economy and the government and the environment and…well, back when THEY were kids things were better! Also, get off my lawn! Young whippersnappers!

Well, as it turns out, those fictional grumpy old people might just be on to something about the technology, at least.

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Cure Smartphone Addiction with the NoPhone


Do you feel anxious without your phone? Do you get an empty feeling whenever your hands aren’t clutching that familiar piece of cool plastic? Do you feel insecure in social situations without holding a phone? Then never fear, the NoPhone is here! Well, almost.

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Smartphone Zombie Walking Lane

smartphone walking lane

When Max Brooks envisioned the zombie apocalypse, this probably isn’t what he had in mind, but no matter where you go, you can see them–smartphone zombies. Shuffling along across the sidewalk or intersection, the smartphone zombies are barely aware of the world around them and completely engrossed in their digital life. Surfing from one page to the next, scrolling through Facebook posts and twitter feeds, their faces are blank and lit by the small smartphone screens as they amble their way to and from…wherever.

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Will the Price War Move to Prepaid?

If you’ve been following phone carrier news at all, you probably are aware of the pricing battle going on in the postpaid market between Sprint and their obnoxious pink rival, T-Mobile. It seems like almost every week, someone is changing some price or adding value to a plan with more data, more lines, more minutes, more everything, all for the same low price! And, while entertaining to watch, it hasn’t really changed much in the prepaid industry. For now.

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7 Mobile Apps to Organize Your Life in 2013

I like to think of the following organizational apps as my own personal life coaches, financial planners, social planners, and all around handy lifesavers!

Not only do these seven apps provide vital organizational tools that rival even the best paid executive assistant—they do so for us average folks who can’t justify (or afford) an assistant of our own. However, what they do provide is valuable time and money saving tools to help keep track of appointments, contacts, notes and ideas, finances, and even shopping.

Kick off 2013 right with 7 mobile apps to help organize your life…

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Don’t hate the playa, hate the game

Everyone gets the first-date jitters. You sit there apprehensively, wondering not only what the other person is thinking, but what they’re like. Do they live with their mother? Do they have a steady job? Is he or she going to screw you over by the end of the night, or even at some point in the future? We’re human, so naturally we wonder all these things. New service PlayerBlock is the oracle for this. With it you can send a text and get the dirt on your date. It has to be the stupidest service we have ever heard of.

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Randomness: Cell phone roundup from Consumerist

We will show no restraint in expressing our love of Consumerist a Gawker Media blog that lashes out at companies that exploit consumers. We love them even more when they cover the telecommunications industry (we also show no restraint in expressing our detestation of the telecom industry). Over the past couple of days, they’ve had some great telecom content, and we’d like to share it with you.

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Feel our cell phone pain, India

The mobile phone phenomenon is going strong globally. Every day we see news articles coming from India, China, Indonesia, Bulgaria, and a host of other countries that are adopting and adapting to life with cellular phones. Though we don’t read all of the articles, it’s nice to see that technology is spreading. We hope that it helps advance the economic states of the countries. Anyway, sometimes we get a good laugh out of the articles. Like today, when one Indian news outlet reported that sometimes when you think you hear your cell phone ring, it’s not really ringing. Welcome to our world, India.

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A cell phone that carries 900,000 volts

File under: Things we wish we had when we were in high school. We can only imagine our friends’ reactions if this had existed back in the day. It looks like a plain, innocent cell phone — a Nokia or Motorola, perhaps. But then WHAM, you jab it into someone’s chest and fill them with 900,000 volts of electricity. It also has a 12 LED flashlight, so you can positively ID your victim before sending him trembling to the ground. Like the folks at Gizmodo, we see this being used for more harm than good — that flashlight comes in pretty handy when you’re sifting through someone’s pockets, trying to find their wallet.


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Your pet does not need a cell phone

Seriously, what the hell? Do we really need a cell phone for dogs? Well, PetsMobility thinks so, as they have introduced PetCell, “a revolutionary waterproof GPS cell phone for your pet.” We really wish this was a joke, but apparently it’s not.

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Use your GSM phone to create a motion detector

People, given the proper resources and time, really can build anything. Take this new motion sensor, for example. Using just an old GSM phone, it can detect motion and then send an SMS message to selected numbers, alerting them of possible trouble. Your prepaid GSM phone is perfect for this…except that it has to be active, meaning you’re still paying for the service — though it would probably be much cheaper than an alarm service if you chose the right GSM service provider.

[Slash Gear

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Huotari, Laakso take home mobile phone throwing awards

Yeah, we didn’t know this existed either, nor did we actually believe it at first. It appears that there’s an event called the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship. Yes, the name implies the contest. Strangely enough, it was the 8th annual event, making us wonder how the hell we hadn’t heard of it earlier. It took place over the weekend, with tommi Huotari winning the men’s division with a throw of 89.62 meters. Eija Laakso took the women’s for the second year in a row, recording a toss of 44.49 meters. We’re totally going next year — and practicing.


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Use your cell to fire the “laser”

Planning a heist, but don’t know how to get around those pesky security cameras? A solution can be found within your mobile phone. That is, if you hook up a kickass laser to it. All you have to do is mount the laser, hook it up to your phone, and send yourself a text message. Then you activate the “laser,” and boom — no more surveillance. Also useful for stopping those pesky neighbors who spy on you — and probably less illegal that way, too.

* Prepaid Reviews does not condone you planning a heist or committing any kind of crime. We’re just playing around. Figured we’d clear that up before you go rob a bank.


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Headlines that make us laugh

Cellphone STD rates hiked

This is from The Times of India. Apparently they aren’t familiar with American acronyms.

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Presidential hopeful McCain uses prepaid

In explaining why he was late to a very important debate, Senator John McCain explained that he was the victim of bus delays, citing a missed transfer, departure delay, and a flat tire. He wound up being 50 minutes late for the event. “I would’ve called, but I was out of minutes on my prepaid cell phone,” said McCain. So there, you go: political entities use prepaid, too*.

[The Onion]

* This is coming from The Onion, so you know it’s just satire. Just thought we’d make that clear, so none of you think we’re dunderheads.

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Advice: 10 reasons to throw away your cell

The good folks at Wired have written a piece called “10 reasons to throw away your cellphone.” Being a cellphone site ourselves, we can’t totally agree with this statement. However, the article does bring up some quality points on why it’s more of a burden than a benefit to own a cell.

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Well duh: Cell phones cause decrease in pay phone use

Sorry, but we couldn’t resist being snarky about this one. So this guy, Willard R. Nichols, who is president of the American Public Communication Council, thinks that a 2004 FCC regulation — not cell phones — is the reason for a decline in pay phone usage. Let’s see here. FCC provision, or hundreds of millions of people walking around with portable phones. We know Mr. Nichols is trying to lobby for the FCC regulation to be reversed, but this is just a ridiculous tack. Because, you know, it’s just coincidence that pay phone usage dropped once everyone had their own, personal phone.

[The Patriot News]

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14 ways to raise money for an iPhone

Seriously, we haven’t seen a gadget hyped to the degree of the iPhone since probably Playstation 2. When something is this hyped for so long, it often seems like it will never see its release. And when it finally is released, it rarely fulfills the hype. Really, it can’t. The Playstation 2 didn’t, and the iPhone probably won’t either. It’s no fault of the product; they’re both quality, it’s just a matter of meeting (or, really, exceeding) unrealistic hype. Trust us, there will be people disappointed that the iPhone doesn’t also act as a toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss. Still, we know you want one (we sure do). But how are you going to come up with that $600 — plus the $20 added to your monthly bill? As far as we know, most people don’t have that kind of money laying around, ready for their disposal on whatever “it” toy happens to pop up. So, we’ve devised a list of ways you can save — or earn — for that shiny new iPhone.

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You did what to your cell phone?

We’ve all lost phones in embarrassing ways (being pushed into the pool during Senior Week rings a bell). But with new phone technology — or, more accurately, new phone casing technology — it hasn’t been nearly the hassle it once was. Usually, once that sucker dries off, it’s at least usable.

However, if that phone were to be, say, flushed down the toilet, it wouldn’t be a very easy recovery. That’s too bad for the British, who flush 850,000 phones down the loo every year. Even if it is recoverable, would you really want to? You’ve all seen the Seinfeld episode…

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