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US Cellular Offers Nexus 6

Nexus 6

Once again, I have overlooked US Cellular (oops). As it turns out, they are now offering the new Nexus 6 for both postpaid and prepaid. They aren’t the first ones to get the phone by a long shot, but it is still nice for consumers looking for a home for that shiny new flagship phone that is a little harder to find on the prepaid segment.

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U.S. Cellular Offers iPhone 6, 6 Plus Today


U.S. Cellular has announced that they will be offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today for both on contract and no contract customers, but I expect it will sell out pretty quick, so be sure to pick it up soon! The phones can be purchased online or by calling U.S. Cellular’s customer service line at 1-888-944-9400. The iPhone 6 is available in three colors and sells for $649. The iPhone 6 Plus also comes in three colors and will retail for $749.

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US Cellular makes changes to prepaid plans

For some reason we often neglect ol’ US Cellular around these parts. I’m not sure why. We can’t ignore it, though, when they make changes to their prepaid plans. They’ve done just that recently, lowering the prices of their two monthly unlimited plans. There is a new restriction in place, though, but it’s really not all that bad.

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U.S. Cellular adds Samsung Chrono

It’s not often we get news from U.S. Cellular‘s prepaid arm, but today we learned of a new handset for the regional carrier. It’s the Samsung Chrono, and it’s as basic as they come these days. It’s a flip phone with an external monochrome display and a color one on the inside. The camera is VGA quality. Of course, the price is as entry-level as the device, just $19.99 without a commitment. You can get the Samsung Chrono and a prepaid plan at U.S. Cellular’s website.

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U.S. Cellular to offer prepaid Android handsets

Late last week US Cellular announced that it will offer two prepaid Android phones, with a pair of plans to go with them. The first handset is the LG Apex, a touchscreen device with a full QWERTY keyboard, which runs $249.99. The LG Optimus U, a variant of the Optimus One series that has appeared on most major carriers, is a full-touchscreen device that will run $199.99. The two plans run $60 — 450 minutes, unlimited text, 2GB of data — and $70 — unlimited minutes and messages, 2GB of data. That’s still a bit more than other prepaid competitors offering Android devices, but it’s close enough that if you prefer U.S. Cellular, you still have a quality offering.

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US Cellular introduces prepaid unlimited plans

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from US Cellular prepaid. They’ve been doing plenty of things on the postpaid end for sure, and they even have a decent lineup of smartphones right now. On the prepaid end they now have unlimited plans. Yesterday they introduced three of them. Instead of going with tiers based on escalating voice minutes, US Cellular got a little creative on this one. Each of the three plans is tailored to a specific type of user.

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US Cellular introduces LG Wine

That there is the LG Wine, the newest addition to the US Cellular handset lineup (hat tip to Phone News). It’s a pretty basic clamshell model, featuring a 1.3 megapixel camera with video, Bluetooth, and GPS support. Most of the material out there focuses on the contract price, which can be as low $29.95 after rebates. However, for you prepaid folks out there, it looks like you can nab it for $179.95. That might be a bit steep for a basic model, but that is the burden prepaid users bear for not signing a contract.

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U.S. Cellular holds Safety Day

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U.S. Cellular helps out flood victims

We spend a lot of time talking about the evils of cell phone carriers, so I’m glad to give some positive space to U.S. Cellular. As you probably know, there has been some serious flooding in Iowa. To add to the relief effort, U.S. Cell is offering free phone calls from its three Cedar Rapids and two Coralville stores. This is in addition to the free phone calls available at the Red Cross Shelter at Prairie High School.

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U.S. Cellular not sweating competition

With Verizon’s purchase of Alltel, it’s only natural to wonder about the fates of other regional carriers. Will other carriers want to consolidate and pick up some more pieces to their spectrum puzzle? If they do, there might be no better target than U.S. Cellular. They are the nation’s No. 6 wireless provider, soon to be No. 5 by default once Alltel is assimilated into Verizon. But they don’t Read the full article →

U.S. Cellular, JumpTap team for mobile search and ads

Is this the bit that will lead U.S. Cellular to add data plans to its prepaid service? Once can only hope. The nation’s No. 6 wireless carrier has employed JumpTap for its search and advertising solutions. I have an issue or two with this, but if it brings mobile Web to prepaid for U.S. Cell, it’s tough to complain. But I’m always up for arguing, so let’s go.

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U.S. Cellular to get faster, expanded network

Good news for all you U.S. Cellular prepaid customers. The nation’s No. 6 wireless carrier has signed a deal with Alcatel-Lucent which will give them a larger and faster network. Any maneuver that helps improve service is huge for regional carriers like U.S. Cell. They’re up against enormous national networks with tens of millions of subscribers. The only question is whether this is enough to allow them to grow along with the larger carriers.

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U.S. Cellular to boost mobile network

If you follow cell phone network news (which you are, I guess, if you’re reading this site), you might be familiar with a company called Nortel. They provide communications technologies to, among other businesses, cell phone service providers. They’re usually hanging around CDMA companies, offering their solutions. U.S. Cellular is their latest contract, as the nation’s sixth-largest wireless company will use Nortel’s services to make it’s CDMA network more powerful.

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U.S. Cellular continues rural push

Last week, we learned that U.S. Cellular had been granted the status of Eligible Telecommunications Carrier in West Virginia, which enables them to use the federal Universal Service Fund to create a rural wireless infrastructure in the state. Now the Chicago-based company is doing similar work right in its own backyard. The Illinois Commerce Commission has also deemed U.S. Cellular an ETC. This will allow them to do the same thing they plan to do in West Virginia: Build a network that will reach areas pretty much ignored by larger cell companies.

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