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Total Call Mobile

Total Call Mobile introduces prepaid unlimited plan

See that list to your left of our pay as you go cell phone providers? It seems like more and more of them have unlimited plans every day. (You might notice that there are a few more there this week than there were last, if you’re the perceptive type.) The latest to unveil this type of plan is Total Call Mobile. Like a few of the more recently introduced unlimited plans, Total Call’s will feature both a monthly tier and then a lesser offering. This lesser offering might be the difference prepaid makes with unlimited voice and text plans.

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Total Call offers standard rate international calling

Is the market for international calls growing? After all, we did see MetroPCS introduce an unlimited international plan for $5, and it was met with much fanfare. Plenty of other carriers boast about their low international rates. Yet there is one provider which has a focus on international calling: Total Call Mobile. Their bread and butter is a low set of international rates. It gets better, though, as they recently announced free international calling to over 250 locations worldwide.

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