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2nd Gen Moto X Available on Republic Wireless


Are you excited yet? As of today, the second gen Moto X has come to Republic Wireless and will cost a full Benjamin Franklin less than unlocked or from other carriers. Cue the champagne!

In more seriousness, though, this is pretty great news for this WiFi-first Sprint MVNO and at $399, it’s definitely a steal. The 2nd gen Moto X can be purchased from Republic Wireless in black or you can use Motorola’s MotoMaker to design your own phone with whatever colors you want, a custom wallpaper and start up message and even add a custom engraving on the back, without a huge hit to the wallet. I assume the engraving and such will cost a little extra, but it is still going to be way cheaper.

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Moto X 2nd Gen Coming to Republic Wireless

moto x announcements

Republic Wireless, one of the more unique MVNOs on the market, has announced an additional phone coming soon to their rather small list. The new second generation of the wildly popular Moto X will be available on Republic Wireless on  December 10, 2014 for activation and purchase.

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Moto E Comes to Republic Wireless


Republic Wireless has announced a new addition to their smartphone lineup. The new Moto E is part of Motorola’s popular Moto line, which also includes the Moto G and Moto X. This entry-level phone is very similar to its more expensive counterparts and has some pretty good features for a reasonable price.

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Best WiFi Calling MVNO Services


With all the recent craze over T-Mobile and other carriers suddenly offering wifi calling, I thought that it might be nice to take a look at some MVNOs that already offer this service for a fraction of the price. Wifi calling is one of those hit-and-miss services. Either you’re around wifi enough to make it work and save a TON of money, or you aren’t. But, with the proliferation of free and high-speed wifi connections the former is far more likely. So, if you want to start sending everything over your wifi network, here are some companies to consider.

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Republic Wireless Gets Moto E

Moto E_Black

Republic Wireless, a Sprint MVNO that is known for cheap WiFi calling plans, has announced that it will offer the Motorola Moto E starting next month for $99. Generally priced at $130, this entry-level smartphone is a steal, and is Republic Wireless’ first $99 smartphone offering.

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Republic Wireless Scales Back Data Roaming


Republic Wireless, the nearly unknown Sprint MVNO, has announced a change to their data roaming policy starting Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. This cost-conscious MVNO offers some of the lowest possible plans with unlimited data, voice, text and roaming starting at $25 on select phones.

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Republic Wireless’s Wi-Fi+ app is essential for its future

For all of the good in Republic Wireless’s plan, there are a few practical hitches. Yes, they can afford to charge customers only $20 per month for smartphone service, because they utilize WiFi to a greater degree than your average smartphone. But smartphone owners, particularly Android users, understand the hitches that exist with connecting to a WiFi network. Many of them are locked. Many others require authentication. So while your phone might appear connected to a WiFi network, you still have to take action before you’re actually online. That certainly presents troubles to a provider that relies on frequent connections to WiFi networks.

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Republic Wireless now available to consumers nationwide

After a year of beta testing, Republic Wireless is ready to spread its message nationwide. Yesterday they announced full availability of their services, the first time they’ve allowed open enrollment in their short history. Now for $19 per month anyone can get unlimited talk, text, and data with Republic. It requires purchasing the Motorola Defy XT, pictured above. It’s an Android 2.3 Gingerbread device, which is a bit disappointing at this point in the game. However, it’s necessary for Republic, which has created a hybrid system that utilizes WiFi wherever available. It’s a pretty low-end handset by modern standards, but that’s the price of paying less than $20 per month for cell phone service.

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Republic Wireless to add Motorola Defy XT, open gates

It appears that Republic Wireless will add another handset to its lineup. The Motorola Defy XT, which no US carrier currently offers, represents an upgrade on the LG Optimus V, the only model that Republic previously offered. It unfortunately runs Android 2.3, but it does have a cozy 3.7-inch screen and a middling 1GHz processor. It will cost $249 and will be available to Wave B customers in Republic’s beta program. Those customers will be offered service this week. Wave A customers, who have been rocking the Optimus V, can upgrade to the Defy for $149. It all sounds good for unlimited service that costs $19 per month.

Via Engadget.

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Republic Wireless starts sending beta invites, reveals handset specs

It appears that Republic Wireless is making good on its promise to reopen its beta program this summer. They’ve already started sending invites, in fact, and at least one person has sent the details to Engadget. The details include a choice of three smartphone, one from an entry level tier, one mid-range, and one high-end. They didn’t note specific models, probably because they’ll all be customized to a degree. Still, after the jump we’ll take a look at the specs, along with possible matches.

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Republic Wireless to re-open beta program this summer

A little less than a month ago we learned that Republic Wireless would take on more beta customers this summer. The company has now made the official announcement via their blog. This week they’re starting to send out invites, which they’ll send to people who have already expressed interest in Republic. The emails will allow people to reserve a spot in the beta program. They’ll be assigned to a certain letter, which will correspond with when they’re officially invited to the program.

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Republic Wireless to take on new customers this summer

When Republic Wireless opened its doors for business last November, they were predictably flooded with people who wanted to try their $19 unlimited service. Since they were going through a beta period, they closed the doors relatively quickly. They’re not currently taking on any new members, but that could change as early as this summer.

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Republic Wireless sheds restrictions, brings truly unlimited service for $19

Last month Republic Wireless turned some heads when it started offering unlimited service for $19 per month. At that price Republic falls far below even the cheapest unlimited services. Yet it came with restrictions. To provide its service, Republic relies on a special Android handset that automatically detects and uses WiFi whenever available. This helps it put calls, text, and data transfers through without the use of a cellular network. Users who consumed too much of their service from the cellular network were threatened with banishment. That is, until late last week, when Republic announced that it was removing restrictions.

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