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LTE Coming to H2O in 2015

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According to Prepaid Phone News, H2O Wireless has notified dealers that they will be able to offer 4G LTE connectivity sometime in January of 2015. This will make H2O one of the few AT&T MVNOs to offer this service. Other MVNOs that have LTE through AT&T include America Movil brands like Straight Talk and Net10. Red Pocket also offers LTE on select plans.

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H20 caps data plan at 2GB

One of the most common complains about prepaid carriers — any any carrier, really — is the limits placed on unlimited data plans. The carrier will advertise unlimited data with a plan, but the find print will spell out a real limit to that. It’s a tough practice to justify ethically, but carriers still get away with it. H2O Wireless has recently imposed a 2GB cap on its $60 unlimited plan. They even make note of the cap right on the website. So while they have made the service more restrictive without lowering the price, they are at least up front about the actual limits.
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H2O Wireless adds an unlimited plan

One of our featured pay as you go cell phone providers that doesn’t get much attention is H2O Wireless (listed as o2 Wireless in our sidebar, an oversight that needs correcting). They provide decent rates and coverage, but rarely do they make headlines. That changed this week, as they added a $60 unlimited plan to their repertoire. The $60 includes the standard items: minutes, messages, and web. This complements H2O’s existing unlimited plans, which cost $40 and $50 per month. You can find out more at H2O’s website.

Via Phone Scoop.

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O2 Wireless offering great holiday deal on phone

As you can glean from the theme of the blog this week — switching from postpaid t prepaid in a down economy — people are still looking at cell phones as an essential service. To help you keep costs down, O2 Wireless is offering a cheap phone and minutes package on its nationwide GSM network. This includes the Alcatel 206 phone, 50 minutes, a $10 recharge card, and activation for $19.99. Sounds like something you could get your college kid for the holidays.

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