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Virgin Mobile Canada adds BlackBerry Pearl

Earlier this year, Virgin Mobile Canada started offering contract plans in addition to their signature prepaid service. They saw that the Canadian prepaid market was approaching saturation, or at least a temporary plateau. So they decided to take a different route. This means a better phone selection, since VM can then subsidize them, thanks to the contract. Their latest addition: the BlackBerry Pearl 8130.

Yes, this phone was released last November on most major carriers. But given Virgin’s evolution in Canada, it makes sense for them to have waited until now. The specs of the device are pretty well known, but you can check out some info at our sister site, BlackBerry Geeks.

The only matter left is the pricing. With that cuh-razy three-year contract, you can have it for free. Which is pretty nice. We’re here to talk about prepaid, though, so let’s get down to it. Now, don’t think I’m just wasting time because the price is high. I would never do that. Why elongate a paragraph just so people read it, maybe get bored, and forget that the price of the BlackBerry Pearl on prepaid is $399. There. That was painless, right?