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Telus launches visual voicemail service

A company called SpinVox has been making the news lately, as they are offering a voice-to-text plugin for the BlackBerry. Now they’re partnering with Telus for a similar service, whereby smartphone users can have their voicemail emailed to them for viewing right on their phone.

There is an added benefit to this service, notes The service allows you to forego the normal airtime charges you’d incur while listening to voicemail. The email containing the text of your message also comes with an audio file attachment, containing the original message.

Of course, you’ll be paying for those data transfers and emails, unless this falls under the all-you-can-eat plans. And, clearly, you’ll have to pay for the SpinVox service.

“The launch of Telus Visual Voice Mail is another step in extending our leadership in unified communications, bringing multiple modes of communication together for streamlined connectivity,” said Jim Senko, Vice President, Telus Business Solutions. “Telus is proud to be the first company in Canada to extend this useful service beyond the popular voice mail-to-text message service, to enable customers to get their voice mail as an e-mail. Wherever in the world they can get e-mail, they can now read their voice mail. It’s even easier to stay connected on-the-go.”

I think it’s a fairly safe bet that we’ll see most major carriers in the U.S. and Canada picking this up over the course of 2008.