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Rumor: Rogers looking at unlimited data plan?

Just last week, we learned that Rogers was set to send their data rates tumbling. This was supposedly in reaction to Bell Mobility offering a $7 data plan for the HTC Touch. Now we’re hearing rumors — and they’re just that, rumors — that Rogers is planning an unlimited data bundle that will include 2,500 text messages, for just $20 per month. It seems like a drastic change, so I’m not quite sure if its believable at that point.

This concept presented seems like a mobile Web plan, as in the kind you’d see AT&T and Verizon offering for $5 or so per month. I say this because the rumor says that mobile Web a la carte would cost $5 per month.

However, the idea that this would be a precursor to the iPhone might be a bit misleading:

Like the American [mobile Web] plan, the unlimited transfers would only apply to ‘feature’ phones rather than dedicated smartphones; BlackBerries and Windows Mobile devices would be exempt from the service and have their own separate rates.

Since the iPhone would exhibit a more smartphone-like data usage, it would be strange to see Rogers offer a plan for it for $5 per month. But hey, if Bell is selling data plans for the HTC Touch for $7, anything is possible.