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Rogers lowering mobile data rates

We’ve talked before about mobile data rates in Canada. To sum it up: It ain’t pretty. But Rogers Wireless has taken a small step towards more affordable data rates, offering a number of plans that can keep multi-gigabyte usage out of the hundreds of dollars range. Things will start out at 1 gigabyte per month for $65, but that first gig will be the most expensive. Two gigs will be $75, and it will go all the way up to $100 for five gigs, and three cents per megabyte thereafter.

This comes after Telus and Bell, the other two large Canadian providers, dropped their prices back in November. Bell went so far as to offer a $7 unlimited email and web plan for the HTC Touch, a device that has recently been picked up by all three U.S. CDMA providers.

According to Electronista, a gigabyte of data cost $1,500 per month through Rogers as recently as November. That number seems a bit out of whack, but then again, Canadians have been getting royally screwed on mobile data for quite some time now.

Electronista also notes that Rogers was “criticized last year for charging as much as $295 a month for a data and phone plan with less features than a $60 data and phone hybrid plan from AT&T in the US.” So this new pricing model is a pretty big deal.

Precursor the the iPhone, right?