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Sprint’s numbers show more big gains for Boost

Usually we’ll see an official Boost Mobile subscriber count, and perhaps we will in the coming days or weeks. For now we have Sprint Nextel’s numbers, and while overall they don’t look too good — a net loss of about a quarter million subscribers — Boost continues to add subscribers, luring them with their $50 unlimited plan. They added a net 938,000 iDEN customers, which might seem like a lot more than the 764,000 they added in Q1, but there’s a catch. They lost 161,000 prepaid CDMA subscribers for a net gain of 777,000 subscribers. So it still tops Q1 by a little, but not the overwhelming amount that the 938,000 would indicate.

Sprint also lost 43,000 wholesale and affiliate subscribers. These include MVNOs like STi Mobile, kajeet, and of course Virgin Mobile. Sprint is in the process of acquiring Virgin, so their numbers will slide into the CDMA prepaid side. During the quarter in which the sale closes, Sprint will also be able to boast the addition of Virgin’s five million-plus subscribers.